Why Every Scrunchie Lover Needs a Scrunchie Holder

Why Every Scrunchie Lover Needs a Scrunchie Holder

If you're a scrunchie lover, then you know that they can be hard to keep track of. They tend to get lost in the bottom of your purse or tangled up with other hair accessories. Every morning before school I also hear my sweet girl yelling from the top of her lungs asking where her hair tie's are. Since we have entered the Scrunchie market it became apparent that we needed to find a solution to keeping ours neat and organized! 

Benefits of a Scrunchie Holder:

-Makes it easy to find the right scrunchie: When you have a lot of scrunchies, it can be hard to find the one you want. With a holder, they are all neatly organized and easy to see so you can quickly grab the one you need.

-Keeps scrunchies from getting lost: A big problem with scrunchies is that they can easily get lost. Having a dedicated holder for them helps to prevent this from happening.

So if you're looking for a way to keep your scrunchies in check, the Scrunchie Holder is the perfect solution. Pick one up today and never lose another scrunchie again!

We have added our favorite holder below! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 


Lot's of love, 

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